• Mobile Manipulation youBot

    This is the project of the last Modern Robotics course. Here’s a bullet list of the algorithm’s steps (written in Matlab) used to create the trajectory and variable states of the simulations:

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  • Cart and pendulum Control

    The cart-and-pendulum system moves along an infinitely-long and frictionless horizontal track. The pendulum’s joint is also frictionless.

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  • Robotic end-effector positioning For Additive Manufacturing

    My role in this project was to control the robot and provide the desired position and orientation of the end-effector. The slicer code provided the specific details for this positioning. The 6-axis Motoman Yaskawa robot has the capability to achieve a given pose with multiple configurations. To identify the best possible set of configurations and…

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  • Vacuum drying setup

    The aim of manufacturing this setup is to investigate the effect of vacuum on drying kinetics of textiles. The setup consists of mainly: The vacuum chamber, the pneumatic circuit line, the controller, and the chamber internal equipment including heat source, sensors and loadcell. I also tried to understand the process details by developing a simulation…

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  • Drone Driven sunshade

    The main purpose of this project was to demonstrate how drones can dynamically form sunshade structures based on real-time measurements of sunlight intensity changes.In this project, I was coordinating my friend, Hossein, with my programming and mechatronics knowledge. Hossein is a master student of Architecture and the Drone Driven Sunshade project was his idea. He…

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  • Stripboard Prototyping

    “Understanding the significance of a reliable and cost-effective control board, I took it upon myself to design and fabricate a dedicated stripboard.” Our endeavor to enhance the Vacuum Assisted Dryer project led us to focus on the crucial aspect of establishing an effective electronic control system. This system was fundamental in monitoring and managing various…

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  • Search & learn

    Search & learn

    Koç University summer program for Highschool students Simulate IoT Projects in Your Browser – LINK Here is the link to upload your final file (not more than 10 MB):Google Form LINK

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  • SSH tunneling

    SSH tunneling

    Autossh can be beneficial because we are using reverse SSH tunneling to access your Raspberry Pi remotely and the Wi-Fi network changes,

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  • Magnetic Stirrer

    Magnetic Stirrer

    Design and fabrication of magnetic stirrer to investigate different parameters that affect vortex flow generated by magnetic stirrer; goal is to perform an experimental analysis to find out the relation between stirrer speed and geometrical parameters of fluid

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